New CD inludes Caprices for solo violin by Duranowski & Kaczkowski.

This is yet another (great!) album that shows how much we have neglected the history of our own music. We had violinists who, in the second decade of the 19th century, published their caprices (the first Polish ones) in the best publishing houses in Europe: Schott and Breitkopf & Härtel. They are extremely difficult, it’s true, but above all they are good to listen to – there is a lot of music in music. I keep my fingers crossed for Marek Polański that he will be able to introduce them to not only Polish stages.

Piotr Matwiejczuk (Ruch Muzyczny #5/2021)


Marek Polanski​

Marek Polanski was born in Krakow in 1986 into a family of academic lecturers. He started studying the violin at the age of six with Piotr Langos, and continued under the guidance of Mieczyslaw Szlezer and Antoni Colalik. He graduated with an honours M.A. diploma from the Music Academy in Krakow, where he studied with Wieslaw Kwasny. He furthered his skills with Roman Nodel at the Hochschule fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Mannheim. He also completed postgraduate studies with distinction under Yair Kless at the Universitat fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Graz, and with Roman Lasocki at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice (with the highest mark). He also has a master’s degree in Law. In 2016 he gained a doctorate in musical arts on the basis of the dissertation From the composer to the performer. An evolution of the violin caprice as a musical form in the post-Classical period on the basis of the caprices of Joachim Kaczkowski and Fryderyk August Duranowski as important links in the developmental process of the genre, which was prepared under the supervision of Professor Mielczyskaw Szlezer at his alma mater, In 2017 he was honoured with the Prime Minister award for distinguished doctoral dissertations, as the only representative of the field of musical arts. Marek Polanski is a prizewinner of many national and international competitions, including the 16th ‘Euterpe’ International Competition in Corato (Primo Premio Assoluto with the maximum result of 100 points), the 11th International Music Competition in Belgrade (First Prize, 98/100 points), the 11th ‘Don Vincenzo Vitti’ International Competition in Castellana Grotte (Primo Premio Assoluto), the 20th ‘Citta di Barletta’ International Competition (Primo Premio Assoluto), the 4th ‘Citta di Treviso’ International Competition (First Prize), the Polish National TV Broadcaster Competition ‘Dolina Kreatywna’ (First Prize), the 28th Bach Competition in Zielona Gora (Second Prize), the 12th ‘Luigi Zanuccoli’ International Competition in Sogliano al Rubicone (Third Award), the 15th ‘Premio Virtuosite’ International Competition in Padua (Third Award) and the 7th Stanislaw Serwaczynski National Young Violinists’ Competition in Lublin (Fifth Prize).

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